About Us
Since the late '50s our handcrafted wood and leather rim steering wheels have taken pride of place in classic cars and sports cars around the world.
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The name Springalex was renowned for style, quality, and service.   With   this   in   mind   and   through   market   research,   we   have   now   resurrected this   famous   name   again   in   “SPRINGALEX   LTD”,      within   this   brand   name   we will bring back the age of quality of service.   As   a   customer   you   deserve,   through   manufacture   in   our   U.K   workshops   or outsource,   a   range   of   aesthetically   pleasing,   quality   engineered,   competition car parts and accessories at competitive prices.   The    team    we    are    building    at    Springalex    Ltd    is    one    of    experience    and knowledge,   within   the   supply   of   car   parts   and   accessories.   With   over   40 years   engineering   experience,   which   includes   30   years   manufacturing   and supplying    car    parts,    including    numerous   Aftermarket,    global    OEM’s    and Blue chip companies with a range of quality engineered products.
renowned for style, quality, and service