Boss Adapter Kits
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Springalex manufacture bosses for “Classic Cars” in our own workshops in the UK We manufacture various exciting styles of bosses listed below:
1/New! 2014 “SPR” is a solid casting to fit a new range of Classic type wheels with a smaller centre.  These bosses come in either black or polished anodized finish.  Covering most of the “British Classic Crs” e.g. MG, triumph, Land rover etc. Plus a vriety of European cars.
2/ Traditional type “SB” with dual holes fitting for 9 holes and 6 hole wheels on a 100mm PCD.  These are the aluminium castings, painted black and come with centre cap and screw fittings etc.. Plus a small selection of polished bosses.
3/ Traditional type boss “SBP” 9 hole fitting only 100mm PCD.  This boss comes in “POLISHED” covers a selection of the popular classic range.  See application list.
4/ Sports types come with 70mm PCD hole fittings. These come in different formats. a/ Is prefixed with “M” collapsible type with corrugated rubber boot.  Mainly used for more modern cars.  BUT! Used on classic cars which need a taller boss. b/ This boss “KK” is a two piece casting which comes in a Black finish or the short collapsible boss with rubber boot.  These also cover more modern cars. Collapsible bossess fit 70mm and 74mm PCD SPRINGALEX WHEELS.